ElectroFX VIP Membership Overview

VIP Membership OverviewIf you feel that you have mastered the v1 course here at ElectroFX and/or feel confident enough to access the more advanced material and features then you will be welcomed in as a VIP member. The PURE PRICE ACTION trading will continue but now we remove time and you will be taught how to trade WavEFX, a revolutionary new style of organic timeless charting. Click on any of the items below to read about them in much more detail.

NOTE: You must be a Free Member in order to even access the ‘Upgrade Your Account‘ Page
The ATM VIP Course is the full meal deal. You will get access to everything below and be able to interact with myself and all members 24/7 in the live room to speed up your learning curve and make sure you have full support without waiting. If you are serious about learning to trade the Forex Market then use my many years of experience and get the best and easiest possible start.

  • VIP eBooks + add-ons & updates as we go and as is needed.
  • VIP Software = VIP Scripts / Indicators / EA’s + VIP Templates.
  • Live Room Account = Your Own Personal Student Profile Log In;
    if you missed anything, Log In at anytime to DOWNLOAD
    any of the previous daily outlooks or reviews as well as weekend webinars
  • ElectroFX Server = Exclusive & Dedicated Virtual Private Server;
    a proprietary online server that runs the VIP Trading Software 24/7
    which means that you never have to worry again about power outages or internet failures again!
    Also, allows you to access your MT4’s via desktop, laptop, iphone, ipad and/or smart phone. : )
    *The ElectroFX Server runs DUAL Intel XEON CPU’s (mid-2012 release) for a total of 24 cores assisted by 48GB of RAM and RAID10 Redundancy
  • ElectroFX Trading Robots = Exclusive ElectroFX Expert Advisors;
    Some of them run on the ElectroFX Server and will manage ALL of your trades
    once You have made all the decisions yourself, this is where all your previous learnings
    are essential in making the right choices without emotion!
    Others are Fully Automated Trading Robots and are optionally available for you to use.
  • All Future Updates and Upgrades = always evolving the efficiency of the ATM System to incorporate the latest technologies and keep up with the organic markets.