The Brexit Puzzle is an Easy One to Solve

This #Brexit really has turned in to quite the show. It even has me watching Parliament TV because firstly, #iameuropean so it impacts me, secondly, #currencytrading at the moment is heavily influenced by this saga.

Recently, I watched @Anna_Soubry deal with, what are supposedly highly intelligent people, not allow her to speak. I believe that was because she, amongst others, was making too much sense. Whatever the case, is it not best to stick with what makes sense, what are the facts, and what is best for everyone right now, today, in 2019? (I don’t mean to single 1 person out because there are many who are making sense and many being talked over, @Anna_Soubry was just one that came to mind as I write this)

It is hard for me to understand how these highly intelligent Parliamentarians can’t all accept facts and go from there. After all, facts are facts, no one needs to argue about them. I have to assume/hope that they are all smart enough to understand the facts. That only leaves self-interest as a reason for why they choose not to accept the facts and instead talk riddles around them.

We all know the facts but I’ll still add enough here so that this entire mess has a clear way forward. Let me start by saying that I do believe that if enough want to #Leave then that is what should happen, if enough want to #Remain then that is what should happen. I am not against either option; I am against disrupting millions of people’s lives over an ego-driven misallocation of resources though!

Starting with the 2016 Referendum results, which is all I keep hearing about in Parliament, I’m afraid that the facts there are well known for a long time now. The #Leave campaign was not honest with the public, Google is your friend on this one, thanks to this huge database of information we call the internet you can see what they said, what was true and what was not. In short, the public should not have voted on this until the government had a complete plan to present all the facts to be voted on. If an honest and complete plan to #Leave was ready before the public was asked to vote, and that plan showed how its outcome would be of great benefit to the UK, then #Leave may have had a real win, not this ridiculous version.

The only rational conclusion is that the 2016 Referendum can’t be used as anything other than checking the pulse of the nation. The result in 2016 was, by a very small margin, to #Leave. I do love #Democracy but even if we take the 2016 Referendum as a black and white answer, isn’t 51.9% vs 48.1%, where only 72.21% of eligible voters actually voted, not a conclusive result? You don’t need to be very good at math to figure this one out!

The March to #Remain was well over a million and all you need to do to verify is watch the aerial camera footage

The March to #Leave doesn’t seem to be more than 1% of that and all you need to do to verify is check the camera footage

The #RevokeArticle50 petition now approaches 6,000,000

The petition to Leave the EU without a deal now approaches 600,000

The petition to Leave deal or no deal now approaches 171,000

No more facts required folks, after all this waste of money and time, it’s an EASY ONE!

Any rational human being must agree that a #peoplesvote is needed now and the smartest way forward is to #RevokeArticle50, take a step back and start again, if the next #peoplesvote shows that #Leave is still what the majority want, now that they have more information, then no one can argue and that is what should then happen. Just with a proper plan first.