Silver and Gold Bullion Investments

Take Your Investments in to Your Own Hands

It should be clear to everyone at this stage that the World is full of corruption and it is a very good idea to take your investments and retirement in to your own hands. One simple way to do this is through investing in Silver and Gold Bullion, it’s much easier than you think! Both of these precious metals are expected to rise significantly in these coming years after falling for the past five. They are a solid long term investment and always have been even if you did have to sit through the last five year price pullback. Even if you are new to investing these precious metals and the best and safest place to start. There are 2 options below that require no expertise at all, grab a free account at each and you can compare prices when you are ready to buy.

Get Your Silver and Gold at the Bullion Vault

The Bullion Vault currently handles over $2 billion for more than 60,000 users. They provide you with some of the lowest costs for buying, selling and storing gold and silver. You can even choose where you want your vault and the current choices are Zurich, London, New York, Toronto or Singapore. The Bullion Vault is very easy to use and within 2 hours you could own any quantity of physical gold and/or silver that you want! You can sell at any time without penalty or even withdraw your precious metals from the vault and have them delivered to your home. Open an account with them for free and take a look at how easy this actually is, as long as you know how to fill in a form you will be ready to buy and sell gold and silver whenever you like. They will even give you some free silver to get you started!

Get Yourself a Free Bullion Vault Account Here

Get Your Silver and Gold at the Gold Broker

The Gold Broker is another great option for buying, selling and storing gold and silver. There philosophy is to help you take advantage of the internet and technology while maintaining a back-to-basics concept of investing. They currently have vaults in Zurich, New York, Toronto or Singapore for your storage needs. You can also have your precious metals delivered to your home though if you so desire. They have free shipping in the U.S and International rates will vary depending on country and weight. It is free to open an account with them so why not take a look at see how easy this actually is, you will be ready to buy and sell gold and silver in no time.

Get Yourself a Free Gold Trader Account Here

Forex Trading Gold and Silver

Gold is actually just seen as another form of currency on the Forex Markets and you can trade it as such. Trading the beast that is the Forex Market is not as easy as playing with physical gold and silver though. It can be much more profitable but there is also much more risk. You can actually profit on gold and silver price fluctuations daily but it is an art form that requires study. If you really want to learn how to tame this beast then start with the Forex trading Basics here and go from there