VIP Membership – VIP eBooks

VIP eBooksThe VIP eBooks are there to both supplement the extensive VIP Video Lessons and also explain in detail various settings for each of your new tools. You can read about each of them later on the VIP Membership – VIP Software page but for now I can say that 1 of your new tools is to help you understand which swings are relative to which and view the market on 3 levels. The other is to automate absolutely everything except for your entry trigger which is left to you or it wouldn’t be manual trading.

The eBooks included are as follows:

  • CDS Server Setup eBook (for setting up your VPS account)
  • WavEFX Swing Indicator eBook (to help understand each setting)
  • Trade Manager eBook (you new best friend and it’s settings)
  • + Bonus Checklist eBooks (added by successful member’s)

There are VIP Videos for everything but these few eBooks are useful to have lying around for reference.

ElectroFX v1 Membership Overview

ElectroFX VIP Membership Overview