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ElectroFX Trading RobotsThe ElectroFX Trading Robots have been created to help you manually trade with the least amount of effort; our Fully Automated Trading Robots will be explained further down this article. When it comes to trading manually the only thing you really need to do, if you were to summarize, would be; choose the price area you wish to trade, wait for your entry triggers, judge your risk reward, then manage it accordingly. That is what the ElectroFX Trading Robots have been designed to make easy.

What if you were able to be alerted when price is close to an area that you would want to trade, and your entry trigger is close to being complete? What if then you could pre-plan your Entry, Stop Loss, Take Profit, and a location to move your Stop Loss to Break Even? The answer to both questions is that you would be able to trade with just minutes per day.
One of the ElectroFX Trading Robots has been designed specifically to alert VIP Members to potential trade setups that they will have learned about in the VIP Video Lessons. This means that you don’t have to sit around staring at your charts all the time unless you really want to. Once alerted to these trade situations you will then be able to use the WavEFX Trade Manager EA to pre-plan where you would like to enter as well as where you would like that entry point cancelled in case price does not head the direction you expected. At this same time you can also pre-plan your Stop Loss, Take Profit and your Break Even point in case price does pass your entry trigger in the direction you expected. Furthermore, VIP Membership will also get you access to various other tools that work with the WavEFX Trade Manager EA and allow you to trade on your desktop and the ElectroFX Server at the same time in harmony.
Everything has been designed to work with everything, manual trading has never been made easier. Using the WavEFX Trade Manager EA and it’s accompanying tools along with the ElectroFX Server means that you can receive email alerts at any juncture of any trade. The ElectroFX tools essentially automate the boring parts and allow you to trade efficiently. Once you learn how to use all of these tools the only question left is; can you react to emails in a timely fashion and can you follow simple guidelines?
Finally, your VIP Membership will also gain you access to our Fully Automated Trading Robots. The main thing to remember here is that when you are trading manually you are able to process information dynamically and you are not limited like an Automated Trading Robot is. A properly educated and trained manual trader will always be able to do better but if you could automate a portion of your trading income, why wouldn’t you? This was the question that the ElectroFX team addressed several years ago and just recently (as of April 2012) we have reached a point where we have several Fully Automated Trading Robots that have been doing very well in both forward and back testing. EA Results can be followed online here. As more and more time passes we will be adding more Robots that each address a different trade within the WavEFX method. This is the problem with Automation, each very specific setup must be addressed one at a time and once we are finished we plan to have an army of Fully Automated Trading Robots for us and our VIP members to use.

ElectroFX v1 Membership Overview

ElectroFX VIP Membership Overview