VIP Membership – VIP Software

VIP Membership - VIP SoftwareThe VIP Software package provides you with a lot of automation whilst still leaving you just the right amount of control. These tools are available to you both on your ElectroFX Server account and your desktop. They have been designed to work together as a unit so that you could enter a trade on your home computer and have the Trade Manager running on the server take over from there. This is how you use technology to your advantage and to save you time.

*VIP Software is all created towards automation of the robotic parts,
and trading in a set and forget fashion.

The tools included are as follows:

  • All WavEFX Tools needed to create timeless organic charting
  • All WavEFX Templates needed to set up in minutes
  • Support Resistance and Price Information Indicators
  • Trade Manager EA for Set and Forget Trading
  • TM Pending Order EA for Set and Forget Trading
  • Instant Buy, Sell and Exit Hot Key Scripts
  • Instant Buy and Sell Fast Entry Scripts

All of these tools are connected using Magic numbers that allow them to work in harmony.

ElectroFX v1 Membership Overview

ElectroFX VIP Membership Overview