VIP Membership – Live Room Account

VIP Membership - VIP Live Room MainThe ElectroFX Live Room provides you with the ultimate support in real time, the repetitive trade process shown to you day in and day out, and the chance to converse with other people on the same path as you. Recently we have also added a new feature to the Live Room login page, Automated Trade Alerts that you can subscribe or unsubscribe to whenever you like. More about that on the Automated Trading page of this VIP Membership Overview

You Live Room Account itself can be described in 2 sections, the actual Live Room, and your own Personal Account Panel where you can check recordings and store files etc. First let’s talk about the Live Room though; it comes complete with all the regular features like audio, video, whiteboard, screen casting, joint web browsing, and text chat. Our Live Room also offers breakout rooms and records sessions to be stored for everyone in their Personal Live Room Account (accessed separately).
VIP Membership - VIP Live Room AccountWhen you log in separately to your Personal Account you can access all of these previously recorded sessions. Here at ElectroFX we understand and respect that we are Global and all in different time zones. All lesson times are planned with Europe and North America in mind but there is not much more we can do other than record and have sessions accessible to you at your leisure.


ElectroFX v1 Membership Overview

ElectroFX VIP Membership Overview