Summer Slow Down

The full Summer slow down is still in effect but it is now approaching it’s end. The low volumes and slim pickings of August are irritating enough that I rarely even bother with the market at this time. Instead I have visited a few countries and spent time with family and friends. This is really what this job is all about, the freedom to take holidays when you want for however long you want and not miss out on spending time with your loved ones.

As I sit here and slowly get back into “work mode” I am reminded of how little time I have spent on this Blog section since the last update. I have laid out a list of my goals for the next couple of months and there is so much I want to do for my VIP members that I didn’t include devoting some time to the Blog. For those of you that are following along here I will certainly do my best to write some more articles for you but the first project here will be an update to the “ElectroFX VIP Membership Overview” section. There will be a new and improved VIP video course added soon and so I will need to update that corresponding information on this Blog. We have also made some more advancements on the programming/tools side of things which will be covered in the update.

Stay tuned this Winter because I do hope to achieve as many of my website goals as I can and as I am sure you have seen I don’t just blast out spam or extremely obvious information that would insult your intelligence. I am guilty of writing some obvious information down but it’s also hard to decipher what is obvious only to me because I know it. I do try and remain aware of this though because I read some other Forex websites and can’t help feel like they are talking to me like a complete idiot. Before you know it there will be an article about how to tie your shoes before you sit down at your computer!