Beware Forex Scams – Spend Money Wisely

Don't Get Ripped Off by Forex ScamsThis certainly warrants a post, so many Forex Scams out there, so many people getting ripped off. When I say ripped off I am even talking about valid Forex courses that are overpriced, like you are being given the World or something. You will be warned about Forex Scams all over the Web but I write this article based on feedback from my VIP Members and a recent reminder that I witnessed for overpriced Forex courses.

A long time ago I asked all my VIP members about how much they had spent on their Forex education so far and I also scanned the Internet myself to see what was available. I still do look around every now and then to re-confirm that there is nothing quite like what I offer available anywhere. The results of my VIP Member survey was that many of them had spent between $2000-$10000 on Forex education alone. That blew my mind to start with because I couldn’t ever imagine charging people those amounts. I mean, if I am able to make a living from Forex why would I need to charge extortionate prices for education? I can only conclude that these others charging ridiculous prices must be looking to make their money from teaching and probably aren’t doing that well elsewhere. Maybe I am wrong but the thought certainly crosses my logic brain.
I won’t go on too much with the negative in this article but I did want to do my part and warn people not to get ripped off. Beware of people flashing account statements and don’t forget this is the digital age, pictures are easily manipulated. Furthermore, even if the statement is real you can’t delude yourself into thinking you will be able to replicate what an experienced trader is doing right off the bat. No matter how good the education, there is psychology involved and it takes time to master. I just today heard of an acquaintance of one of my VIP Members paying $5000 for a 5-day course! Holy shit. $5000 for a few videos and minimal tools that may or may not work for you. Unbelievable, that is the level of help I offer for $0 with my Free Membership… only I offer videos, tools, and eBook.
The paid membership levels I have structured contain videos, eBooks, tools, live room, vps server account, trade setup alert service, 24/7 support and the list goes on. If you are interested in reading all about these items in detail go to the ElectroFX VIP Membership Overview here or if you want a little less check out the ElectroFX v1-VIP Membership Overview here. More to the point though if you want basic education that is enough to get you started and trading profitably providing your are smart about it, then NEVER pay out large sums of money. I have looked long and hard and the best deal I can find for a basic Forex education video course is $350. Not a bad price but still a bit much just for videos in my opinion.
In closing, never forget that there are a few stages to determining if you can be a successful Forex Trader and that is why I have 3 stages here at ElectroFX. The first stage is to give you FREE Membership which gets you access to a Free eBook, Free Video Course, and some Free Tools. This is enough for you to figure out if you even understand the job and are able to do it. If you then decide that you want some more videos and more advanced tools to explain everything in much more detail, you can get my v1 Membership. If you then want access to the ultimate package, support system, tools to help you trade in just minutes per day, and a live room to help you build real confidence in your abilities, then the VIP Membership is for you.
The good news is that you can start that journey here at ElectroFX for FREE … Grab a Free Membership here