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Free eBook Video LessonsThe v1-VIP Video Lessons are split in to six sections, the first is the ‘Files and Setup’ section where you will learn about your v1-VIP Membership and get setup correctly. The next section is based on the revolutionary WavEFX, a way of using timeless charts in an organic fashion to eliminate noise and sideways movements. The next sections will help you understand how to trade long term, short term, or to simply scalp when you are bored.

A: Welcome and Setup

Video Lessons – VIP Welcome plus Initial Trading Tips

In this first video you will be welcomed to the VIP section and given a quick overview of what lies ahead of you. You will also get some important tips about trading to help you keep your expectations realistic

Video Lessons – MT4 Setup and Usage

In this next video you will get step by step instructions on how to set up the WavEFX timeless organic charting on your MT4. You will also be introduced to the WavEFX concept and how/why it is very effective in removing noise/sideways movement from the market and accentuating Support and Resistance. As always if you run in to any trouble the ElectroFX team is here to help.

Video Lessons – Affiliate Program Setup

In this next video you will get a quick introduction to the optional ElectroFX Affiliate Program and how to get set-up. This program is quite simply a secondary income importunity, or, a way to be compensated for introducing people to ElectroFX. It depends how you look at it.


B. The WavEFX Concept

Video Lessons – WavEFX Introduction and History

In this first video of the WavEFX section you will learn all about the the history behind the development of WavEFX. All of the reasons behind this concept will soon be clear and all of the benefits will become obvious. It is an ElectroFX goal that everyone knows the ‘why’ behind everything they are looking at and everything they are doing.

Video Lessons – WavEFX Layout and Relativity Relationships

In this next video you will now learn more about everything that you see on your screen and which elements are relative to one another. In this video you will soon understand that you are now looking at the market on 3 levels and are able to see what would normally require all charts from M15-H4, only now you can see it all on 2 charts instead. This is the beauty of the timeless organic nature behind WavEFX and what makes it stand apart from anything you have ever seen.

Video Lessons – Price Patterns and Market Structure

In this first video of the WavEFX Trading section you will learn all about the core concepts that drive WavEFX, using Market Structure to help choose high probability trading areas, and then Entry Patterns for confirming that chosen area. This video will really help you understand the theory and logic behind it all and bring you to a personal understanding of why it works. You will see very quickly how trading is not that complicated after all.

Video Lessons – Reading Support and Resistance

In this next video you will continue where you left off from the previous one, only now you will see how Support Resistance goes hand in hand with Market Structure patterns. This will further your understanding of both and everything that was taught thus far in the v1 course.

Video Lessons – Basic and Advanced Entry Triggers

In this next video you will get an understanding of what is considered an Entry Trigger, the final piece of the puzzle you are waiting for to actually enter a trade. The simplicity here will blow you away. You will soon realize that within this simplicity lies the right amount of last minute evidence to support the direction of your trade.

Video Lessons – Stop Loss Placement and Risk Reward Basics

In this next video it will be driven home again the need to follow a good Risk Reward strategy. Risk Reward can always be judged long before you enter a trade with WavEFX due to it’s very defined Stop Loss and Take Profit policy. This information was included in the v1 Course but now you will be reminded and shown how it can be applied systematically to WavEFX

Video Lessons – Putting it All Together

In the final video of this section you will get to see how all of the above work together in harmony. These components combined give you a complete trading plan so that you can act mechanically, yet still stay adaptive to the type of Market you are trading.


C. WavEFX Limes

Video Lessons – The Trades – Two Charts – Basic Management

In this first video of the section you will be introduced to what we call the Lime trades, these trades fall somewhere between H1-H4 swings and are highly profitable. In order to ease you in to actually trading WavEFX these trades are first introduced using just one WavEFX chart along with the Daily chart. A two chart layout but using all of the theory explained in the above section.

Video Lessons – The Trades – Three Charts – Advanced Management – Part1

In this next video you will be shown the next level of WavEFX trading by using three charts. There are many benefits to using the full WavEFX layout including smaller Stop Loss and a greater Take Profit for better Risk:Reward. The previous video was only intended to help you better understand the layers that WavEFX encompasses and it is highly unlikely you would want to trade the two chart layout even though it is very possible.

Video Lessons – The Trades – Three Charts – Advanced Management – Part2

This video picks up exactly where the previous video left off. A part 2 was created so that no video ends up being too long and you get a chance to stretch your legs before continuing

Video Lessons – A Summary of the Limes

In this final video you will get a reminder of all the key points that were just outlined for you. At the end of this video you get a chance to begin to understand the next session so that this course can continue on with an intelligent flow to it.


D. WavEFX Chocolates

Video Lessons – The Trades – Basic & Advanced Management – Part1

In this video you get to continue on from where the last section left off. You are now introduced to the next level of trades that WavEFX has to offer that are more frequent than the Limes. There are several types of chocolates each with their own level of risk appetite but you will learn about them all here.

Video Lessons – The Trades – Basic & Advanced Management – Part2

Once again this video is just a continuation of where you just left off so that you have a chance to take a small break and stretch your legs.

Video Lessons – Chocolate Trading Tips

In this final video of the section you will get to review these types of chocolate trades and get some tips to add to what you have just learnt. This video completes the bulk of your static learning and now your continued learning will be dynamic and daily in the live room or through he live room recordings if you were unable to attend.


E. WavEFX Scalping & Late Chocolate Entries

Video Lessons – The Trades – Basic & Advanced Management

This video was created as an optional video for the experienced WavEFX trader who has proven to themselves a consistent success rate and wish to add a few more types of trade to their toolbox.


F. Video Extras

Video Lessons – Words of Wisdom

This video was created to give you some food for thought, some insight into common problems and mistakes and a general reminder of various psychological tasks that lay ahead of you.

more to be added….


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