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VIP Membership here at ElectroFX.com gives you more than just video lessons. It is a complete package designed to help you learn at the fastest possible rate without getting sloppy. With our new fully responsive website you will be able to watch all of the video lessons from your smartphone, tablet, or home computer. The VIP Forum is also fully responsive so you can ask your questions and participate on the go. When you are at home you can make the most of our complimentary tick data trading simulators to practice without waiting for the market. The custom charting software will give you an easy to read layout of the market and the tools will help you trade with only minutes per day. If you want live help and to join in with other like minded people then you will love the Live Classroom that is also available.

Here is a list of what is available and if you act fast you can enjoy a £100 discount off of what is already the best value online today.Make sure you get your free membership first and then once you are logged in visit the upgrade your membership page once you are logged in. (This offer will expire on Feb 15th)

ElectroFX Video Course = A Complete Trading Plan and More;
  • Setup Videos explaining everything to do with MetaTrader 4 Setup.
  • The WavEFX Concept and how it gives you a complete Trading Plan explained.
  • Swing Trading Videos for Long and Short term Swing Trades.
  • Trade Management detailed from Entry Point and Stop Loss, to Take Profit and Risk:Reward.
  • Trend Continuation Videos to add to your toolbox.
  • Videos to trade Range Breakouts and High/Low Breakouts safely.
  • How to use the Tools provided to Trade in a Set and Forget fashion.
  • Videos on how to use the included Tick Data BackTest Packages.
  • More Videos constantly being added as needed based on user questions.
ElectroFX Chart Software = The Ultimate Training Wheels;
  • Median Renko charts with built in organic sizing for each pair individually.
  • Support Resistance / Supply Demand Boxes drawn in for you to help with Trade Location.
  • Swings mapped out for you for to help with Market Structure.
  • Entry Triggers drawn in for you to give you your Entry Price and Stop Loss.
  • The Boxes and Swings also map out your Take Profit and Risk:Reward judgement.
ElectroFX “Trade Manager” = Exclusive ElectroFX Expert Advisor;
  • The TM will provide you with a high level of automation whilst still giving you full control.
  • Your VIP training will help you make the right choices and the TM will help you remove emotion!
  • You will be able to trade with a few minutes effort here and there.
  • You can also practice in the BackTester with this EA for real life trading emulation.
ElectroFX Tick Data Backtesting Packages = As real as it gets;
  • These packages with the TM will allow you to practice Trading properly.
  • ANY charts can be used including the Median Renko.
  • Two Years are pre-setup for you to practice on seven different pairs.
  • The Video Course teaches you how to set-up anything you want.
  • Realistically Trade a Year in a few Weeks.
  • Speed up your learning process and gain experience quickly.
ElectroFX Forums and Support = 24/7 helping you succeed;
  • The ElectroFX Forums include areas to talk about anything you want.
  • There are dedicated threads for each and every video in the course.
  • Direct email support is also provided if you want to keep it private.
ElectroFX Live Room = Your Own Personal Student Profile Log In;
  • Live Room open 24/7 for all members to use.
  • Session outlooks 3 times a day
  • Webinar most weekends
  • All sessions recorded for you to watch at any time
ElectroFX VPS Server = Exclusive & Dedicated Virtual Private Server;
  • Proprietary online server that runs the VIP Trading Software 24/7
  • Never have to worry again about power outages or internet failures again!
  • Access your MT4′s via desktop, laptop, iphone, ipad and/or smart phone.
  • Professional Median Renko, Renko, Range, and Tick Bar Plugins for you to use.
  • Built in SMTP service for your MT4 Tools and their Email Alerts.
  • The ElectroFX Server runs DUAL Intel XEON CPU’s (mid-2012 release) for a total of 24 cores
  • The ElectroFX Server also has 48GB of RAM and RAID10 Redundancy
ElectroFX “Zone Trade Manager” = Exclusive ElectroFX Expert Advisors;
  • The ZTM will provide you with a maximum level of automation.
  • The ZTM still leaves you with visual controls if you feel you want to make adjustments.
  • All of your VIP training will help you make the right choices.
  • The ZTM will help you completely remove emotion!
  • You will be able to trade with a few minutes effort per week if you wanted.
  • Fully Automated Trading Robots are also in the works for you to use.