Top 100 Forex Blogs for 2013

Top 100 Forex Blogs To Follow In 2013 I have never really considered myself much of a blogger but ElectroFX has had an Honorable mention as 1 of the top blogs to follow for 2013. If I didn’t spend so much time with my VIP members I would write more in my blog but it is nice to see some recognition for what I have posted so far. When it comes to content and tools provided on the free or paid membership side of things I know from experience and feedback that ElectroFX should be ranked in the top 5. Solely as a Blog though I will take the #49 ranking because I do feel I could write more often. It is currently Summer time for me though so any more Blogging will have to wait until the Winter.

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit