Free Members Section Updated

FreeIt dawned on me recently that I have completely neglected my Free Members. I guess I take too many holidays and when I am at home I focus my attention to my VIP Members. That said I forced myself to address the Free Members Section here at ElectroFX and have now updated the Free eBook and included Free MetaTrader Tools to go with it. I will also be adding a Free Video Course very shortly. The Free Video Course will be expanding and going in to much more detail of every concept discussed in the Free eBook.

Although I had edited the previous Free eBook about 3 years ago it was actually written over 5 years ago. Absolutely crazy when I think about it, how fast time goes! Ever since I wrote the book I have been on a continuous quest to make Trading as simple as possible without sacrificing accuracy. Things have come along way in 5 years and I think you will enjoy the updated Free material thoroughly. My plan is to get the accompanying Free Videos done next week so if all goes well I will have them plugged in right away
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