VIP WavEFX Trades – Easy EURUSD Trade

Easy EURUSD TradeI actually remembered to capture some screenshots for you yesterday from this easy EURUSD trade. Quite simply this was a great location for the potential of a turn up on the Daily chart, there was a few confirmations of the area and the trade was quite obvious. Now; this is not yet confirmed enough to be the Daily wave but we sure did enjoy several long trades on the EURUSD yesterday while we wait for it to decide. This is the beauty of WavEFX trading, safe trades and trades everyday of you want them!

As always the WavEFX 3 step process was followed. The location was great as you can see by glancing at the Daily chart, then an entry trigger presented itself courtesy of the fast wave battle in the area. Finally, the expectations of the trade creating a higher low on the Olive line scale was plenty for the minimum 1:1 risk:reward to be met and this was a great candidate for a 1:2 or higher depending on your style.