VIP WavEFX Trades – Another Simple Trade

EURUSD TradeSome more before and after images for you to see how simple WavEFX Trading really is. In this example we were following the short term trend of the counter-trend daily wave for a straight 1:1 risk:reward outcome. As you can see this trade worked out just fine and at a good intra-day pace. With all the tools here at ElectroFX we have managed to make trading as simple and as emotionless as it could possibly be. Some very basic understanding of the mechanics will allow you to profit from the Forex market using only minutes of your day.

As always the 3 steps in the WavEFX trading process were followed. The location was perfect as you can see by glancing to the left, then the entry trigger set up beautifully with the double tap on the black entry trigger line. Finally, the expectations of the trade creating a higher low on the Olive line scale was plenty for the minimum 1:1 risk:reward to be met.