VIP WavEFX Trades – Simple Trading

GBPUSD - Support Resistance Mirror Flip SwingI took these images last week and then completely forgot to post them for you. It’s just an example of how simple trading the ElectroFX VIP WavEFX way really is. In this image we have a simple Trend Continuation Trade on the GBPUSD. As always the 3 simple rules of WavEFX are followed, good location of support / resistance, solid entry trigger, and intelligent risk:reward potential. In this case we have an area of Support that was broken and then returned to from the other side where it then acted as Resistance. This was drawn in for you on the chart as you can see.

With the location part in check you then need an entry trigger which sets up beautifully and like clockwork with the double tap on the black entry trigger line. Finally, since we are following the trend we can expect a slightly lower low on that Olive line scale of activity and Risk:Reward looks good. With all 3 simple rules in check before you enter the trade this trade was then plotted using the ElectroFX software and server for a set and forget style of trading.