EFX Cash

EFX Cash is now live and available to earn and trade in for FREE Account Upgrades and/or prizes. This new feature has just been introduced because I wanted a way to reward people who were going after their goals and who I could see were dedicated to succeeding in Forex trading. It’s a very simple concept; you post intelligent topic discussions and participate in others that were not created by you, you earn EFX Cash.

Everyone likes free and after seeing how many Forex trading educators rip people off around the web I wanted to give everyone a chance to get as much for Free as possible. Free members can now earn and save up EFX Cash to then trade in for a FREE v1 Membership Upgrade. The same now applies to v1 members who can save up their EFX Cash for massive discounts on the VIP Upgrade. VIP Members can save up their EFX Cash for prizes which will be announced in the near future. Earning is simple and through participation in the EFX Forums, I can’t think of a better way to reward people who will be posting questions that will help others that come along in the future. EFX Cash can be earned through the creating of topics, discussion in topics, creating polls, having your polls used, being thanked for a useful post etc etc etc. Plenty of ways to earn, plenty of ways to learn!