WavEFX – 200 Pips – Timeless Organic Charting

I wanted to share with you an image from the last three days of trading on just 1 pair. 200 pips available with ease just following the simple WavEFX rules provided in the detailed VIP video course. All of the software and tools that a VIP Member gains access to allowed you to take all of these trades in a set and forget fashion. These same tools include alerting you right before entry so you can confirm that the rules are being followed. So for a few minutes effort a few times a day, 200 pips were yours.

The Organic element to WavEFX is beyond the scope of this article but after 6 years of trading live and close to 2 years working strictly with timeless charts I have created a way to adapt to the markets volatility and ‘pace’. It’s actually a full automated process that your VIP Membership tools take care of so nothing to worry about but it is VERY effective. What WavEFX has done is remove all the sideways movement and ‘noise’, through timeless charting, while enabling you to adapt with the market automatically. After all the market is somewhat mechanical but also organic in nature.

*The above image is 720P HD when you click it