2012 – Make it Your New Beginning

Easter is here for some but on different dates in different countries, Passover is here for others, and for some people there are no celebrations at all. I try not to get wrapped up in these divisions myself but I am always up for a celebration so I have set-up this offer to last through all of those celebration dates globally. The most important part for me is that here at ElectroFX we have reached some major milestones in simplicity and automation and I felt like a celebration was in order anyway.
You can read the email online here

This will be the last BIG promo of the year so take advantage of it while you can and treat yourself to some real Forex price action training. Upgrade Your Account here, read all about what VIP Membership or v1 Membership has to offer you, who knows, you may even find an extra bonus buried in the page of you look closely. In the spirit of the Easter Egg hunt….. Let the hunt begin…

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