2012 Has Arrived

My first week back after nearly a month of holidays around Europe and the market continues to behave and follow the core Price Action structure that I follow and teach, as it always has and always will. I didn’t get to trade as much as I would have liked this week but it was another positive week which is all that really matters.

Next week I will begin a series of Live Trade Videos for this Blog that I am sure you will all enjoy and hopefully learn something from. Generally speaking I plan to allocate more time to this website so check back often or subscribe to the EFX YouTube channel.

The special holiday prices ceased to exist on Jan 3rd as I had said but I did decide on a slightly different price structure for the VIP course. I have lowered the monthly cost (for the ongoing use of the Live Room and Virtual Private Server etc) and increased the initial fee that gains you access to everything and gets you set up on all the essential trading goodies that make a traders life easier and safer.