How to Get Upgraded to ElectroFX VIP for Free

Free ElectroFX VIP Membership is not for Newbies

I would like to introduce everyone to a way that you can get ElectroFX VIP Membership for free by trading via a Broker that is recommended here at EFX. In order to qualify for this program you must join the Broker through one of the links provided here at this website. I have linked to the appropriate pages just below this paragraph. The most important thing that must be mentioned though is that this is not for newbies, I don’t want you to jump in to live trading before you are ready and lose all of your risk capital. This program is for the traders out there who are live trading and striking around break even or some profit. If that is you and you would like to gain access to all the EFX videos and software then you can simply join one of the EFX Recommended Brokers and just keep doing what you are doing. A small portion of the trading costs (commissions/spread) that you are paying regardless will then be rebated back from the EFX Recommended Broker and put towards your ElectroFX VIP Membership. Just email me here after you have opened your live account and confirm that I can see you in the EFX group and continue trading as normal.

Choose an ECN/STP style MT4 Broker here

Choose a Spread Betting MT4 Broker here

In Closing

If you are new to trading please don’t consider this program because it doesn’t make sense for you to live trade before you get the right education. It will cost you much less to just purchase EFX VIP Membership the normal way. If you are already live trading though and usually ending up around break even or even in profit, and you would like to gain access to all of the education and software that EFX VIP Membership offers, then why not get it for free while you continue on exactly as you are? Just remember to confirm that you are in the EFX group after you open your live account by emailing me here.