Water Bottle with Filter – Water Filter System on the Go

Get Your Own Portable Water Purifier

Usually I talk mainly about trading here at ElectroFX but I also take my health seriously. Drinking 2-3 litres of water per day is a key component to keeping your body happy and also in putting the brakes on ageing. Unfortunately most tap water in developed countries has been contaminated with fluoride courtesy of our governments. I know, I know, there are some out there who think fluoride is good for your teeth and that our governments have our best interests at heart, but I am not one of them, on either count. That puts tap water out of the picture for me and the next choice is bottled water. Unfortunately, drinking bottled water means drinking the chemicals released (BPA) which although was first rated as safe by ‘our protectors’, is now back in review and likely to effect your brain. Many bottled water companies are also adding fluoride these days so that’s another strike against that idea. The only solution is to get your own water purifier and for me the best idea is a portable water purifier, or refillable water bottle with filter.

The Best Water Bottle with Filter I have Found

I use the water bottle with filter called “Water-To-Go” and not only does it remove fluoride, chlorine, and various other metals, it also removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses. The bottle itself is made out of a specially developed plastic which does not leak BPA. This makes this portable water purification system the ultimate companion in everyday life, and when you are travelling even if it is to developing countries. You can literally fill the bottle up from a puddle, pond, or stream etc, and all that comes out is clean water that tastes great. The only limitation is salt water, you can’t fill it up with that. All in all a very negligible limitation and no matter if I am at the gym or sitting at my computer trading, I get my 2-3 litres of containment free water each day, and hey, if I travel to countries known for the bad drinking water I know I am also covered.

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A Cheap and Convenient Clean Water Solution

Even though this portable water purifier filter is technology developed by the NASA Space Program, it still does’t cost as much as bottled water and remains economical. Each filter lasts for 200 litres (2-3 months) and even with the need to buy replacement filters you can be drinking purified water for 9p (UK) per day. Visit the Water-to-Go website and choose from a full range of bottle colours, then at checkout just use the code “EFX21” and enjoy a 21% discount, keeping the cost as low as possible. In fact, this code will get you this water bottle with filter for the lowest price on the internet.

Has This Water Filter Been Tested?

Industry specialists from USA, Europe and India have all tested and confirmed this water filter to remove 99.9% of all harmful contaminants in water. The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine have produced this document. BCS Laboratories from the USA and Bangalore Test House from India have also put this filter through professional testing and you can read more here.

Water Bottle with Filter

What Does This Water Filter Remove?

This portable water filter has been tested and proven to remove the following contaminants:

Metals & Chemicals

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Chromium
  • Mercury
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Aluminium


  • Norwalk
  • Hepatitis A
  • Tota Virus
  • Adenoviruses
  • Enteroviruses
  • Reoviruses


  • Coliform
  • E.Coli
  • Cholera
  • Typhus
  • Dysentery
  • Botulism
  • Polio
  • Virus Botulism
  • Vibrio Disease
  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Leptospirosis – Weil’s Disease
  • Legionella – Legionnaires Disease and Pontiac Fever

Oocysts- Protazoa

  • Giardia lamblia

Parasites and Waterborne Pathogens

  • Fasciolopsiasis Taeniasis – Tapeworm
  • Echinococcosis Ascariasis
  • Coenorosis Schistosomiasis
  • Cryptosporidium Tryonosoma (Sleeping Sickness)
  • Threadworm Guinea Worm
  • Hookworm Roundworm
  • Pinworm Onchiocerca
  • Fasciola Hepatica/Liver fluk

Visit Water-to-Go and use the code “EFX21” for 21% Off