Live Binary Options Trading Strategy Results

Live Binary Options Trading Strategy Results:

In this video you will get to take a look at the last 100 trades taken by myself using the pure price action trading techniques taught at Every day for 1 hour I perform this style of Binary Options Trading Live in the ElectroFX Live Room so that others can learn by watching. This Live Binary Options Trading program will be expanded to 2 hours in the future and our Live Room is also used for SpotFX trading. It is basically a 1 stop shop for anything to do with Trading FX. Binary Options Trading Signals will also be added in the future but or now we are big on you learning to do this for yourself.

Binary Options Warning:

If you don’t know what you are doing then both Forex and Binary Options are just gambling. You can however lose your money much faster with Binary Options due to their bad risk:reward, speed appeal, and one-click interface. Please learn as much as you can before putting any money on the line and always demo your trading plan first.

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