Choosing the Best Forex Education Course

Forex Education Online

I find myself writing this article after stumbling around the internet this past weekend having a look at the latest results for Forex Education Course Online. I came across a whole array of new overpriced education, ridiculous claims, and general misinformation. It had been a while since I looked around so I was expecting to find much of the same that I had seen before.. but it does look like there is a whole new batch of nonsense to sift through.

Understanding Forex Education

When considering where you should focus your valuable time and money with your Forex Education there are some things to keep in mind. The big one is that there are many Forex Strategies that can be taught, and that work, but the catch is that they might not work for you personally. This comes down mostly to the fact that trading psychology can’t be taught but is also down to the fact that we are all slightly different, we do not all think and see things the same way. This is a positive fact of course otherwise we would just be robots!

If you are new to Forex then all of the basics can be found for free and there is no need to pay at all, if you have learnt the basics and want some more advanced training then a choice will need to be made. At this point it is important to understand that because of what I have just mentioned above there is still a good chance you will not succeed. Spending $1,000-$10,000 on something that might not work for you doesn’t make much sense. Furthermore if the person or company is so good at trading why do they need to make so much money off of you, do they want to help you or make money from you? and if their time is so valuable to them even though they make so much money trading, then why bother to teach in the first place? These questions alone always kept me away from the overpriced Forex education back when I started my Forex journey. On the flip side of that though, the really low priced Forex Education can be even worse. You need to make sure a clear idea of what you are getting for what price is explained. It really is a jungle out there in the world wide web of Forex Education.

How Can You Know What is the Best Forex Education?

Continuing on from the above; the best Forex Education for YOU will be the Forex Education that makes the most sense to you. Since all of the basic info behind trading Forex is available for free at many places online, you should have an idea of what elements make the most sense to you. For me this was always Pure Price Action because it is direct and lag free. For you it will be broken down in to either Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, or a combination of both. If you are choosing Technical Analysis then there are many styles of that. All you need to do now is find a Forex Education website that gives you a clear enough idea of what you will be taught in any members area that gets offered. Here at this is done through the Forex Basics section, followed by the Forex Trading Strategies section, followed by the Free Video Course with Free Software so you can test things out. This blog is constantly updated also. You will definitely know if the EFX style of trading is for you or not before you spend a penny, this is by design.

Anyone flashing their bank statements at you is just making that a sales pitch, there is no guarantee that you will be able to emulate that trader so don’t let the $$$ signs distract you. If there is not enough free material provided for you to understand what it is you are going to pay for then it’s probably not worth it. If it is too expensive then the questions mentioned above need to be asked. Here at the free level of membership you are taught effective Forex Trading Strategies, you are shown how you can speed up the learning process via software, you are given the ability to prove to yourself that you understand the Forex Education you just received, you are then able to prove to yourself that you can execute it correctly. Trading psychology becomes all that is left once we are done with you here! You will have a complete trading plan, confidence in the fact that you can see it works with your own eyes, and confidence in your own ability to execute the plan effectively. If anyone wants advanced training and highly advanced tools that make trading even easier then the VIP package is available as an option. This whole approach is a great way to qualify people for that next step.

The ElectroFX Plan Works!

After teaching since 2008 I can conclude a few things. I do have VIP member success stories so Forex Trading can be taught, most people do stumble on the psychology that kicks in with real money trading, some people simply don’t understand the concept and should not waste their money trying anyway. The latter I am able to help people realize with only the free material so no harm is done and no money is spent, the psychology element can’t be taught but the VIP Live Room and extensive VIP support does seem to help with it. I am not going to say that houses the best Forex Education Course Online because the reality is that nothing is going to be the best for everyone, it’s impossible. I do obviously believe that the Forex Education here at is some of the best online because I started as someone who knew nothing back in 2005, what I have done here is provide my journey of knowledge in what I believe to be the correct order, and without information overload and a bunch of stuff that you won’t need. I also believe that you can become a successful trader with just the free Forex Education here at, the VIP package is simply my attempt to force feed you over 9 years of experience in much shorter time span, plus provide you with all the software that I have had developed to make things easier. I also keep the prices as low as I possibly can without attracting the wrong kind of people that will just waste my time and that’s the best I can do.

Best Forex Education Course Online Conclusion

My main points here are basically that no course is going to work for everyone and that you should not pay ridiculous prices for any course. Any Trader who is successful and has decided they want to teach should not need to make $1000’s off of you! Everything is energy though so you should not find it unreasonable if you are charged a little bit of money for their premium options. The most important thing is that you figure out as much as you can for free to a point where you know if Forex Trading is for you or not, then whoever you do chose as your mentor should have given you enough free material that you can see their style makes sense to you. All the best to you on your journey!