Forex Trading Strategies – Day Trading – Mar 7th, 2014

Simple Forex Trading Strategies that Work:

Another long on the GBPUSD for this next video of the series. This trade adds to the collection of trend continuation setups and are a big favorite at This trade was executed using the Zone Trade Manager on the WavEFX charting system which allowed me to execute this trade using just about 1 minute minute of my time.

Click Here to Watch the Live Room Prediction of This Trade

What is WavEFX?

WavEFX is a timeless yet organic charting style that has been developed to clean up what is messy on lower time-frame candlestick charts. An entire video course has been put together to explain WavEFX and is beyond the scope of this video. If you wish to learn more please visit our website.

What is the Zone Trade Manager?

The Zone Trade Manager (ZTM) is a tool included on the VPS service available with VIP Membership at It provides you with a safe and easy way to trade in a set and forget fashion with just a few minutes here and there and predict the future safely. If you predicted outcome occurs this EA will trade it for you and if your predicted outcome does not happen the EA will do nothing.

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