Forex Trading Strategies – Day Trading – Feb 18th, 2014

Simple Forex Trading Strategies that Work:

Another day trading video for the series but this time getting slightly more complex. This is a GBP/USD short at one of the best times to trade, the Euro open. This trade is executed on a WavEFX chart with the Trade Manager EA. Once a take profit area is reached the decision is made to hold the trade a little longer due to ‘how’ the trade has progressed. An exit point was judged on an even faster timeframe than the one in this video to maximise profits. This may be a little more hands on but it still took very little time to execute from start to finish.

What is WavEFX?

WavEFX is a timeless yet organic charting style that has been developed to clean up what is messy on lower time-frame candlestick charts. An entire video course has been put together to explain WavEFX and is beyond the scope of this video. If you wish to learn more please visit our website.

What is the Trade Manager?

The Trade Manager (TM) is a tool included with basic VIP membership at and provides you with a safe and easy way to trade in a set and forget fashion with just a few minutes here and there.

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