Earn While Your Learn with Forex Trading

Learning how to trade Forex is not a quick or easy task but there is no reason why you shouldn’t look for ways to earn while you are learning. Here at ElectroFX.com you will find two ways that have been built in to the website and there is also another.

EFX Cash:

The first way to earn while you learn here at ElectroFX.com is by way of virtual money that has been called EFX Cash. This is a built in system that will credit you for posting in the Forum and also for commenting on this blog. You will need to get free membership first to use this system and your EFX Cash can be used towards your VIP membership upgrade. Saving money on something you are looking to buy is the same as earning it.

EFX Partner Program:

This next way involves earning real money but you will first need to get yourself a partner account here. Once you have an account you will get a personal link to send to anyone that you know is interested in Forex trading. Once they join as a free member they will be assigned to you and if they decide to upgrade at a later date you will earn a recurring commission for the life of their stay.

Forex Contests:

This next method of earning while learning also involves real money combined with Forex trading itself. It is a very new concept and if you open a real account with XM, then register a nickname in their contests, they will give you a free $20 to buy competition tickets with. These contests are on demo accounts at no risk to you and many of them are $1-3 to enter with payouts $40-$100.

You can open a real account with them for just $5 to get this ball rolling but I would not advise trading even a micro lot live with anything less than $150 as a bare minimum. If you win a couple of contests though you will have enough in your real account to start trading live when you are comfortable. The way I see it is you need to practice anyway so why not have a chance of being rewarded while doing it?

Open a real account with XM here with just $5

After you have your account go to their contests area and register your nickname for a free $20.

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