VIP Focus

After posting quite a few Forex Trade Videos lately I am not seeing any comments or questions to drive me to continue at this point. I am extremely privileged to have an amazing group of people that make up my current VIP group and I feel that my computer time will be better spent with them in the VIP Live Room and on my own personal growth through educating myself further on various subjects that interest me.
I will still add the occasional Live Trade Video now and then because.. well, I can 🙂 but without interaction there is no driving force for me. I can’t help but feel like I am trying to sell something by making all these videos and that is not what I ever wanted. I don’t want to blend in with all the other Forex websites because I know for a fact this one is different. The only ever reason I had for starting up this website was to try and help people help themselves and escape slavery but I am no internet marketer nor do I wish to be one. If anyone feels like educating themselves with real information on Trading Forex using pure price action trading techniques then please go ahead and apply for your free eBook membership and get started. If you then decide that it is clear I know what I am talking about and want to proceed, then I look forward to seeing you in the Live Room.