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One year with ElectroFX: 7 months as a free member, then 5 months as VIP.

Only one regret: I should have become a VIP member much, much sooner! It has been by far the best of all my 5 trading years until now. Everything I have learnt with Theo completed the metamorphosis and I was finally able to start my journey to consistent profitability. I knew something about price action in the past using Renko charts but the elegance and effectiveness of Theo’s methods (according to the rules of supply and demand) hooked me for good. It was not easy (it took me 5 months of constant effort and dedication) but, despite all the very misleading FX trading systems out there, if you are determined enough you can truly be successful with Theo’s approach.

Radu, Italy
If your on this testimonial page, then you are thinking seriously about utilizing the services that Theo offers. Personally when I take the time to review testimonials it means I am seriously considering the product. If your anything like me you have also been searching for as much help as possible in order to turn your trading around and to become successful at trading FX. Again if you are like me , then you are leary of all the hype websites and the bait and switch that goes on when you are trying to gather as much information as you can in order to be successful. Thanks to the internet I have travelled all over and tried just about every style every indicator known to man. So I can immediately spot a good thing when I see one.

Over time I noticed any little success I was able to muster was based on price action trading. The light went off in my head (but still remained rather dim). I decided any trading I do would simple be based around price action. I ventured back on the internet trying to gather as much information as I could on the subject. I found anyone willing to teach what they knew had a hefty price tag attached without any idea of whether I would or could be successful with that style/system. Most gave very little information of what they might offer, and left me with no way of assessing whether it would be the right fit for me. Trust me, I was not looking for any guarantees or promises, I am a reasonable person and simply would like to see if what I was being sold fit my personality/style or whether I could even understand it for that matter. The price tag was always much to high for an endeavour involving trial and error .

I discovered ElectroFX while on this journey and went through the Forex basics section. All I could say was the proverbial light went on (BRIGHT and BIG TIME). Everything I wanted to learn about price action was there in a simple, concise, easily understandable layout. Honestly I thought it was to good to be true. Believe me I had done lots of research on price action and all I could ever muster were bits and pieces to the puzzle but no definitive way to put them together. Thank goodness I discovered ElectroFX. Everything is well documented and the ElectroFX website has excellent tool sets. I have never paid for any FX or trading services, so for me to sign up meant there had to be an immense intrinsic value.

Theo is very patient no question goes unanswered, no software issue or quirk goes unresolved. Quite frankly, most of my questions have been answered in one way or another in the forums or via Skype with Theo. I can easily list everything I have found helpful at ElectroFX like: Trade/Order management software, trading forum, weekly webinar, and daily market outlooks. But the one thing and probably the most important thing for me is that all strategies are evidence based with precise entry techniques, stop loss placements and profit targets. There is no guess work or fear . The abilities that I have developed in working with Theo and the tools offered on the site has instilled in me a confidence and understanding I never thought I could attain on my own. As a trader, who has travelled a long journey to get to profitability it has been truly priceless and without measure.

I never write testimonials, but I peruse them on occasion in order to gauge the experiences that others have had with the product. I can honestly tell you that if you take the time and effort and properly apply the principles outlined here I am absolutely positive you will come to the same conclusion.

This is actually more of a thank you to Theo than a testimonial in my opinion. But, never the less, you have to put in the work. No matter how much hand holding you get here or anywhere else, the amount of effort and dedication you personally put in will translate into the amount of success you achieve.

Cheers and good luck!
Thank you sincerely, Gregory

Gregory, USA
Do you remember when you attended school and every teacher was either good or fun? Well, Theo is both. He is the only teacher who actually makes me want to sit in the first row instead of just being there in the back. No truly: Theo is a very good tutor and mentor. He is always looking on how to either improve things or help you see the flipside of your own Forex-behavior, he is very people-oriented in a non-emotional market. So what you will see is a very fast response to all of your questions anytime of day with lots of guidance on how to do better without feeling stupid and always from a positive point of view. The same goes for the live room, everybody of all skill levels benefit from his tutorial approach and if you follow Theo’s structure and are willing to put lots of effort into getting the hang of it, Theo is your wingman.

Everything here is well documented and the ElectroFX website comes with a very good tool set. With Theo wanting to have everything perfect and well organized you will see constant additions on a daily bases at the website. You will be constantly working and adapting to master the skills needed to be successful in the Forex market as a result. Theo will go the extra mile if you put a fair amount of effort in it. Don´t think it will be easy but I strongly believe that Theo’s EFX system will make you profitable. Either as a free member or paid subscription member he under promises and over delivers, and as I am dutch you really need to deliver a lot to have me signup for a paid subscription :). After some months trading a live account with Theo’s guidance, I see that I need to be more patient and a lot needs to be improved, but with Theo as my wingmen I am headed for a stable and profitable Forex future.

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Adrian Ariese, NL
I traded equities successfully in the 90’s and switched to Forex in 2002. I followed one system after another trying to find one that worked and that did not require some “sixth sense” that I did not have. I wasted 10 years and began to lose confidence in my own trading capabilities; even though I had traded successfully in the past. I bumped into Theo’s site and read his material and realized that he used methods to identify key areas that were teachable and definable. I emailed him and he responded in depth. He demonstrated that he truly wanted to help traders succeed in the Forex market and he built a site that gave far more in value than it costs. After reading his free material and watching his free videos, I was able to completely alter my trade results. I went from mostly losing to mostly winning in just a few weeks. I realize now, that I had been on the very edge of success for years, but needed a definable and duplicatable method for a starting point. I then purchased the v1 membership and soon after upgraded to the VIP membership. Again, Theo delivers far more than promised. I have never been impressed enough with a service to post a testimonial before. I decided that I had to post this, not for Theo, but for you, the person who is looking for a real way to learn to trade Forex. We all have been looking for someone who could really deliver; not just to the exceptional person who had a “gift” for trading, but for someone that could teach the average human who wants to better his lifestyle, family, and future. I strongly encourage you to dive into this training. If you do, it will work for you.

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Steve Lucks, USA
I have been a member of Electrofx since 2010. Before joining EFX, I had experience trading stocks, options, and futures, but not forex. Theo has successfully created a trading system by condensing and prioritizing trading indicators so that trades have the highest probability of success, while eliminating the noise that leads to mistakes. The trade manager software is by far the best I have encountered and allows you to safely place pending orders and go about your life in a normal fashion without staring at a computer screen. Programmed messages are sent to your smart phone alerting you of trade entries, take profits, or developing patterns that you may want to evaluate for a potential future trade.

With the EFX system I am able to trade at any time, follow multiple currency and commodity pairs, on multiple time frames, with the use of only a small 14 inch laptop and am able to do this anywhere in the world while simultaneously holding a fulltime 50 hour per week job. Electrofx is safe, simple, and efficient. All you have to do is take the time to learn the basic rules, have the self discipline to adhere to these rules, and be patient. Whether you are an experienced trader, or new to the game, I highly recommend you try the Electrofx trading strategies and maybe you too will become a member of the EFX trading community.

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Rob Swartz, São Paulo, Brasil
I’ve been trading for around 4 years now and I started learning from Theo back then. If it wasn’t for his hard work and dedication to studying the FX market, making videos and hosting webinars I don’t believe I would have the understanding that I do today. Of course there is a smaller chance of success for anyone following Theo/Electrofx if they are not willing to put the time and dedication in to their own study and review. If he’s willing to do it for you then be prepared to do it for yourself. Then you will succeed with his method just like me.
Bri Moreau, Byron Bay, Australia
I have been with ElectroFX for about 2 months and I can easily say that this is the best training and support that I have received from any trading education site. Before joining ElectroFX I have been trading on and off for about 5 years with no consistent success. I have spent over $5000 on my education during this time, so best to say that I am a little jaded when people offer the holy grail. I came here as I wanted to learn price action and had left another price action education site and it was the best decision I have made! The reason I left was that its all good to get the theory, but the biggest hurdle is how to put what you learn into practice. Theo offers a great way to help you enter trades with his WavEFX style and most importantly excellent support with his system. His core value is to make trading as simple as possible, which is best thing for someone learning to trade, lots of education sites spend their time offering you plenty of different ways of trading this and that in theory but all you need is one real way, and this system is being used in the market by Theo and other traders everyday. Theo has personally spent much time getting me up to speed, and his commitment to helping you learn is amazing. If you are on this site then think yourself lucky as to have found a genuine teacher and system that will help you to grow as trader.
Chris Wilson, CA, USA
When I was fourteen years old, I got interested in the commodities market. Back then, computers were not in the mainstream and manual charts were the only way to trade. I signed up for a weekly printed chart delivery service and studied them with great excitement. I knew that I would not be able to trade commodities, as I don’t have any money at fourteen, but I was fascinated with the charts and predicating future prices. However, the desire to satisfy my hunger for trading had to wait until I got older.

In 1984, I joined the Air Force and it wasn’t long before my childhood interests started to bubble to the surface again. After all, I now had money to put in a market—any market. As it turns out, I turned my eyes towards stocks and began trading them. I would describe my trading, then, as trend trading with entries off of bounces of the corrective legs. I always let the market knock me out on trails. I was doing okay. Sometime after 1993, when I left the Air Force, I got sucked into stock options trading. I started out by buying calls and puts; I quickly found out that buying options was a losing game. However, after years of studying, I ended up selling options (writing calls and puts) using various methods. I did pretty well, but with a full time job, trading during limited markets hours was a challenge.

If you fast forward to about a year ago, I stumbled on Forex trading. The trading hours were great and the market was huge! It didn’t take long before I found out about how anyone can set up a trading robot on the MT4 platform and have full automation. These software packages were supposed to enter trades, mange them, and exit with profit all while you watched TV in the other room dreaming of a future in retirement and enough money to satisfy your every desire. I exaggerate, of course, but you get the picture. Since I was a programmer—it intrigued me. Well, everything that I tried tuned out to be pure junk. Satisfying my dreams and desires would require much more work. So, I decided to program my own robot.

Combined with the trading strategies picked up in my past and the new ones that I was learning in Forex, I began building my robot; I spent every free hour to make it happen. I spent over 400 hours of programming and exhausted over a dozen trading mythologies. What I discovered was that using technical analysis and 100% automation was just not enough for a robot to be successful , all the time— by that, I mean that the equity curve should end in profit after a two to three year back test run.

During my one year of Forex trading studies, I spent over $8000 on a supply and demand course. I didn’t learn enough to trade successfully and the so-called school just wasn’t interested in my success. Soon after, I decided to trade price action, which I read about a number of times. Also, instead of an 100% automated robot, I decided to enter trades myself and simply have the robot manage the portions of a trade that are repeatable, such as profit lock-in, take profit, and position closings.

To help me in my price action piece, about three months ago, I purchased a popular price action course on the Internet. That course turned out to be more about marketing than actually getting you to trade successfully. I began to wonder if I could trade Forex successfully. Luckily, just as I was really starting to lose hope, I discovered Theo’s website. I grabbed his free course and really liked what I saw. I absorbed the material and found that much of what I learned in the past was there, but here was a course that put it all together in a cohesive manner that could actually be traded successfully. Of course, I grabbed the v1 course and the VIP course soon after.

After purchasing Theo’s courses, I found that he was light years ahead of the competition in value. He offers written courseware along with the videos and a range of sophisticated software to make trading less time consuming. By the way, it turns out that his tools are similar to what I started to envision in my own robot software ideas—what a coincidence. I can tell you, from firsthand experience, that Theo not only cares about your success, but he proves it by helping you along the way. In my twenty years of studying and buying so-called ultimate solutions to trading success, I can honestly say that Theo delivers far more than the small amount you pay for his Premier Membership courses.

After one month at ElectroFX.com, and with Theo’s guidance, I moved from demo trading to a live account. I just completed my first week of live trading using Theo’s methods and the results are quite good. I made five trades with four winners. My net total pip gain was 78 pips. When you consider that my goal is to make 100-300 pips a week, I can clearly see that I’m well on my way. I not only found someone who delivers way more than he promises, but I’ve found a home where I can relate with other traders at various stages in their path to trading success. I found a home at ElectroFX.com and so can you. Try out his free course and take advantage of what Theo has to offer. If you like what you see, purchase the premier membership and start exploring his advanced strategy. No matter what level of offering you choose, Theo will support you 110%. Try it out–you will be happy you did.

Senior .Net Software Programmer

Christian Sean Caspers, High Point, NC, USA

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